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September 19, 2006

How to measure blog success

There's a great post over on Avinash Kaushik's blog about how to measure the success of a blog - which entails much more than just measuring traffic. Avinash distils the measurement down to the following six items (slightly paraphrased by me):

  1. So what have you actually contributed (how much content have you created)?
  2. Is anyone consuming your blog’s content?
  3. Are they engaging in the conversation (are they contributing comments)?
  4. Are you making a dent in the world? (Are you standing out amongst the 70 million blogs on earth on this day?)
  5. Are you getting what you want out of it (money/friends/enemies/job offers/fan mail)?
  6. What is the blog costing you (in time as well as $)? Is it worth it?

Interesting to me amongst these are that, as well as measurements of content consumption and (primary) content creation, measuring the level of engagement (i.e. comments, trackbacks) from others is a key measure of a blog's success.

As we at MSN look to help people monetize their Spaces blogs, this kind of measurement is going to be essential - for them, but also to us.

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