Love numbers? Obsessed by the election? If so…

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…you’ll love, which is one of the best blogs to emerge about the 2008 presidential election. The name comes from the number of delegate votes up for grabs in the election, and the site takes the daily feeds of national and statewide polls and synthesizes them to create a running set of predictions about … Read more

Swivel – the YouTube of data?

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Should have blogged about this last week, but other demands on my time prevailed. There’s an article on TechCrunch (brought to my attention by my colleague Justin) about the launch of Swivel, whose founders Dmitry Dimov and Brian Mulloy describe as the “YouTube of data”. What they mean by this is that they’ve created a … Read more

Break (or feed) the Technorati ranking crack habit

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Like everyone else who runs a blog, checking my Technorati ranking has become a daily ritual. But one of the things Technorati doesn’t do is give you a history of your site’s rank. I’m not quite (not quite) sad enough to write the ranking values down and plot them myself over time, but now I … Read more

Election night visualization

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A little after the fact (this post, that is, not his), this, but I liked Steve Krause’s post on the different charts & visualizations that the various news outlet websites used during election night here in the US (election night rather passed me by, unfortunately, as I was still staggering about in a jet-lagged hazed … Read more

Is this the worst dashboard IN THE WORLD?

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You be the judge. But here are my grievances: Ridiculous amount of wasted space Terrible visual clutter – users will get bored of the faux-steering wheel within about 10 minutes; everything else is squashed together as a result Overarching metaphor puts users into the wrong mindset to make sense of the data – people are … Read more