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silhouette As I mentioned in a previous post, my colleague Justin Carder recently left Microsoft to go and work as Director of Blogging (yes, really) for Marchex. Justin was the lead product manager for Gatineau; despite my higher public profile, Justin was really more involved day-to-day with ensuring that Gatineau saw the light of day – my remit is somewhat broader.

So now that Justin’s gone, we’re hiring. We need to find a bright, super-enthusiastic web analytics fanatic who wants to play a pivotal role in creating and launching THE web analytics product of 2008. You’ll need to be experienced at working with Marketing and Development folk to set product strategy and ensure execution. You’ll get the chance to travel the country (and the world) talking to potential customers, industry experts and a host of other people about web analytics. And you’ll be right at the heart of the next big transformation of web analytics, in one of the most interesting parts of what is, it must be said, one pretty darn interesting company.

The only (sort of) catch is that you will need to come and live in Seattle. But the sun is shining today, and Seattle is one of the most civilized cities in the world. I moved here last year from London, after all, and I’m having a whale of a time.

So if this sounds like you, or it sounds like someone you know, then take a closer look at the job spec on our recruiting website (you might have to log in). Or if you’d like to ask me any informal questions about the role, ping me directly.

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