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Even though I’m no longer working on adCenter Analytics, it still gives me great pleasure to be able to tell you that the product (formerly known as Gatineau) has had a significant upgrade and now boasts a bunch of fancy new features:


Path analysis

CropperCapture[7] Ever wondered how people navigate through your site from your homepage, or how they reach a particular point? The path report shows an interactive, graphical view of navigational paths from or to a particular page, helping you to understand where folks are getting lost, and giving you ideas on how to make your site more effective in getting people to do what you want them to do.



Every good web analytics product needs a dashboard to give an at-a-glance view of essential site statistics, and now adCenter Analytics has one. The dashboard is customizable via drag-and-drop, and you can also add new dashboard “gadgets” from the gadget library.



CropperCapture[2]Improved Treemap

The treemap report, which we introduced in the last refresh of the adCenter Analytics beta, has some great enhancements in this refresh, most notably the ability to segment the treemap view by age and gender, so you can get the benefit of the treemap’s easy-to-digest visualization when looking at this segmentation data, and cross-reference that with site page usage.


CropperCapture[3]Time trends

You can now trend many items from reports by time, such as a particular page or referrer, seeing how traffic for this item has changed over time. Great for understanding when it was that that item started to contribute (or stopped contributing) traffic to your site.


CropperCapture[4]More segmentation

In addition to being able to segment your reports by age or gender, you can now segment reports by age/gender composites – so you can see whether men aged 25-34 are really into your cat photos, or not.


Enhanced plumbing

There are also a bunch of changes we’ve made behind the scenes to improve the reliability and performance of adCenter Analytics. You should see a snappier, more responsive UI, and far fewer of those annoying “Microsoft adCenter is experiencing problems” messages.


If you already have an adCenter Analytics account, you merely have to log into your account to see the new features. If you don’t, you can request an account here. My colleague Mel will be posting more about the new features over on the official adCenter Analytics blog, so stay tuned.

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