Accenture buys Memetrics and Maxamine

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More news from the big-dog-eat-small-dog world of online marketing & optimization: Accenture (specifically, its Online Marketing Sciences group) announced yesterday that it’s to buy both Memetrics and Maxamine. The Memetrics deal has already closed; the Maxamine deal will likely close within 30 days. I know the guys at Memetrics and Maxamine pretty well – they’re … Read more

MVT consolidation continues…

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… with the acquisition of Optimost by Interwoven. This is an interesting acquirer for an MVT firm – only yesterday at E-metrics, I was saying to someone that until MVT was a built-in option in content management systems that essentially allows users to press a button and have the site “deliver the best content/layout”, it … Read more

An MVT buyer’s guide – part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome to the second installment of my MVT “buyer’s guide”. In the first installment, I provided a short introduction to MVT and talked about one of the biggest challenges – that of getting statistically significant results in a reasonable amount of time. Now let’s move onto two more key things to look for: analytical power, … Read more