Dilbert on KPIs

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I kind of have an unwritten rule not to include Dilbert cartoons on this blog, partly because it’s such an appallingly hackneyed thing to do, and partly because it will reveal to my readership that I’m not in fact the debonair man-about-town that the pithy content of my blog would have you believe, but a … Read more


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Apologies for the lack of blog posts of late… has been a little busy round here. In the meantime, here’s another humorous site which warmed the cockles of my geeky heart. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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There’s been a game of blog tagging going on in my corner of the blogosphere of late. I was just about to start feeling a little left-out because no one had tagged me when Eric Peterson did so (back before Christmas, in fact). Since I’m now on a 9-hour flight to Seattle, this seems the perfect time … Read more


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 Felicitously combining two of my favourite things – charts and jokes – Jessica Hagy’s indexed delivers a daily visualization that helps you make sense of this confusing world: Needless to say, my birthday’s in September. I suggest you add her to your feed list now.

Google for all your content needs?

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My colleague Mark has an interesting post on his blog about a hint from Google that they could re-purpose the AdSense engine to deliver personalized content in general, rather than just advertising content. They’d need to build an explicit preference engine into the system, but if that thought’s occurred to me, then you can bet … Read more

You can trust a Scouser…

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… to find something to moan about in almost any circumstance.  Apologies to any friends from the North (of England, that is) who may be reading this; if you’re offended, I’m afraid I now live too far away to come and do a Boris.


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I feel a little disloyal, given that VoIP is also a feature of Messenger, but I’ve opted for Skype for cutting the cost of my international calls now I’m here in the US (I shudder to think what my next mobile phone bill will look like). I’ve set up a UK SkypeIn number (contact me … Read more

I heard it on the radio…

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In a serendipitous combination of my love of gadgets and my love of Radio 4 (The Archers excepted, which I’ve never warmed to), Cener Development have come out with a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget which plays BBC radio stations (in fact, the gadget can be customized to play any radio stream, at least those using … Read more

The joys of cross-domain tracking

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One of the dirtier little secrets of web analytics is tracking behavior across multiple domains. I got asked a question about this by a colleague today, so I thought I’d blog about it (the blogmaw gets fed for another day – hurrah). The problem Here’s the problem in a nutshell: to track a user’s behavior … Read more