Is this the worst dashboard IN THE WORLD?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

You be the judge. But here are my grievances:

  • Ridiculous amount of wasted space
  • Terrible visual clutter – users will get bored of the faux-steering wheel within about 10 minutes; everything else is squashed together as a result
  • Overarching metaphor puts users into the wrong mindset to make sense of the data – people are forced into thinking about ‘speed’ (or perhaps ‘rate of progress’) and ‘fuel’ (‘resources left’), neither of which is represented on this dashboard
  • Circular elements in the middle are actually pie charts, not speedo dials, thus creating cognitive dissonance immediately for users
  • Traffic lights in top right are also dissonant – each light shows a different value, whereas a real traffic light communicates one thing with three lights (if that seems inefficient, maybe that’s why you shouldn’t use a traffic-light metaphor in an analytics dashboard)

The folks at AdTrack really need a kick up the proverbial for this. It’s just such sloppy, lazy thinking. Bah, humbug!

(via Marketing & Graphic Design ROI)