Break (or feed) the Technorati ranking crack habit

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Like everyone else who runs a blog, checking my Technorati ranking has become a daily ritual. But one of the things Technorati doesn’t do is give you a history of your site’s rank. I’m not quite (not quite) sad enough to write the ranking values down and plot them myself over time, but now I don’t even have to. Blotter offers a nifty little chart service which tracks your Technorati links and ranking over time:

So now you can see that my site is languishing in the 200,000s. So still a little way to go before I overtake Scott Adams; but better than the 1,000,000+ ranking I had only a few months ago! And, of course, if you want to see my ranking go up, you can always link to my site…

The chart builds over time – come back and look at this post in a month’s time and you should see how my ranking is soaring skywards over that period. There’s also a version on my About page.