Vista ships; Gates for President?

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Congratulations are due to my colleagues over in the Windows, Office and Exchange dev teams for getting Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 done (not before time, you might be forgiven for saying). All three were launched today by Steve Ballmer at NASDAQ in New York City.

In (un-)related news, a groundswell of support for Bill Gates as the next President of the US seems to be forming; Scott Adams floated the idea a few days ago, and now a website has sprung up (duly slashdotted) to help Bill on his way. Given the crackpots who generally appear to masquerade as politicians in this country (for balance: UK politicians are little better), the idea of Bill running for President sounds strangely appealing.

Update [12/3/06]: A colleague has remarked that this post indicates that I’ve been drinking too much Microsoft Kool-Aid since arriving here in the US. On reflection, this post does seem a little fan-boyish; for those of you who know me, rest assured I’m the same cynical, sneering Brit I always was.