A true picture of marketing effectiveness

Reading Time: < 1 minute

There’s an interesting article in Advertising Age about a new system that Starcom are deploying to build a complete picture of marketing effectiveness, including combining the effect of multiple exposures to marketing over time.

The project sounds similar to one I undertook in my WebAbacus days with Eric Picard (then with Bluestreak) and Carat Interactive in France, for a couple of their major clients. We developed a customized version of the WebAbacus tool which could unpick the post-impression data from Bluestreak’s ad cookie and combine this with a bunch of (relatively) vanilla web analytics data to create a kind of ‘marketing response dashboard’ which gave a much better picture of the effectiveness of different kinds of marketing that just the ‘last clicked’ approach used by most systems today.

I’ll blog about this in more detail another time – for now, I need to get my flight back to the US after an enjoyable (but hectic) visit to the UK for Christmas.