Today’s poll: Power vs. Simplicity

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In an effort to add a little interactivity to this blog (and now that I have a reasonable number of visitors, following last week’s kiss-and-tell revelations), I’m going to be running an occasional poll on this site, for my (and hopefully, your) edification.

Today’s inaugural poll asks the time-worn question: in a web analytics tool, which is more important to you – power (segmentation, filtering, data import/export, fancy visualizations, etc) or simplicity (just the numbers you need – maybe even something your boss could use)? I know that in an ideal world, you’d have both; but if you had to sacrifice one for the other, which one would win out?

Use the voting box to cast your vote (you’ll see the results so far once you’ve done so). If you want to add some more detail, feel free to leave a comment.

I’ll post the results in this post after a respectable period of time has passed (i.e. I’ve had more than 3 responses).

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1 thought on “Today’s poll: Power vs. Simplicity”

  1. The gap in the market is for something that balances in between the two – something not quite as powerful as GAnalytics, but infinitely more usable.
    In terms of what power – if you have to prioritise, go with the pretty visualisations and export functions (so that users can make their own). Users like eyecandy that tells them interesting things!

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