Omniture swallows Instadia

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The latest news from the carnivorous world of web analytics is that Omniture has snapped up Instadia, a Scandinavian web analytics firm. Instadia’s main claim to fame is that their web analytics solution features integrated survey capability – a lead that the rest of the industry has been slow to follow, perhaps for fear of souring relations with independent survey firms.

However, Omniture’s press release cites the two companies’ complementary customer sets as the reason for the merger. I can understand this – with Omniture’s vastly superior resources, they should be able to recreate the survey capabilities of Instadia fairly easily – but if I were an Instadia customer, I’d prepare myself to bid a brisk farewell to ClientStep and say hello (or perhaps hej) to SiteCatalyst.

Update (1/20/07): Neil Mason has written an interesting post about the acquisition.

1 thought on “Omniture swallows Instadia”

  1. Funny!
    Instadia is praised for having integrated survey and tracking. A feature that was released in 01-03 2006.
    It took them four years to copy that feature from our software (Netminer (1.0 & 2.0 & 2.3)), which were released in the beginning of 2002. Every company seriously using web analytics software in Denmark already know this.
    Maybe the United States should try to deal with the fact that in providing advanced web analytic software, they are far behind!

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