Into the den

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Was intrigued and amused to see an ex-colleague of mine, Steve Johnston, on the BBC programme Dragon’s Den on Thursday night, pitching his StoryCode start-up. Steve was admirably sanguine about the moderate savaging he got on the show – at least his idea was deemed interesting enough to get one of the four or so 15-minute … Read more

Google in Quickbooks

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This just in (well, it came in at about 10pm UK time last night, but I was watching thirtysomething) – Intuit will be incorporating Google functionality (mainly AdWords and Froogle, by the looks of things) into its next version of Quickbooks. I’m a big Quickbooks fan – we use it to manage the books for … Read more

Search engines vs the sub-ed

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Very interesting article from the New York Times about how newspaper websites are having to tone down their article titles to pander to the needs of search engines, which deliver up to 30% of their traffic, and which are somewhat more literal-minded than their human readers. Does this mark the demise of the sub-editor’s craft? … Read more