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Interesting to read of the launch of Browzar, a web browser (actually, a wrapper for the IE HTML rendering component in Windows) which doesn’t store auto-complete info, browsing history, or (most significantly) persistent cookies. So another blow for the web analytics industry – though I predict that Browzar will remain a relatively minor player in the browser world.

Even those people who use it will probably use one of the more mainstream browsers for most of the time, since Browzar will disable the auto-login features on which so many people rely so as not to have to remember a hundred passwords. But if I were in charge of web analytics for a porn site, I might be a bit more worried.

(Thanks to Slashdot)

2 thoughts on “Browzar”

  1. It accepts and retains cookies for the duration of the browser session (i.e. whilst the browser is open), but deletes all cookies once the browser is closed. So effectively it treats all cookies as session cookies rather than persistent cookies.
    It has a bit of intelligence in it to not delete previously set persistent cookies; so if you use it on a friend’s machine they won’t discover that all their cookies have been deleted at the end of your session.

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