And the winner is…

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My fragile ego is salved by the news that a full sixty-two people responded to my poll question about whether power or simplicity was more important in a web analytics product. Here are the results:

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So the power-hungry outnumbered the simpletons by nearly two to one. I think this reflects the relatively sophisticated nature of the readership of this blog.

The balance between these two forces is something that is exercising our minds here; too much power (at the expense of simplicity) and we risk alienating (or at least confusing) the very audience that Gatineau is aimed at; but you need some analytical oomph to extract the really useful learnings.

Also, if you have a bit more depth to your product, you can encourage third parties like consultants and SEM agencies to invest their own time to learn the tool and use it to benefit their clients; if the software is so darn simple that a monkey could use it, there’s no niche for them to occupy. Oh, it’s all so confusing.

See the next post for a new poll question.