Another thing I wanted to ask you…

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Further to my previous poll question, here’s another. Overlay reports: an innovative way of visualizing traffic data, or pointless eye-candy with no analytical usefulness? You be the judge. Results once I have enough responses not to be too embarrassed.

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 If you have other thoughts about overlay reports, I’d love to hear them – comment away.

2 thoughts on “Another thing I wanted to ask you…”

  1. In my opinion, clicktracks style overlays that show segment vs. segment are really useful. Other overlays (WebTrends, GA) that show one segment at a time or have no segmentation are fairly useless.
    This assumes you don’t have a highly dynamic site that changes often. If you do, overlays are completely useless.

  2. I like overlay reports, but when they are fully working. I know you’ve played around with Google Analytics for a while, but the reporting with site overlay for example seems to have some ongoing issues.

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