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Have just finished watching the video that Avinash made of the presentation he gave at SES San Jose last week. He mentions (and is very kind about) Gatineau a couple of times – thanks, Avinash – but for me the real nugget of useful information in the presentation is Avinash’s tip on how to find my blog if you can’t remember the URL – just type “Ian Thomas Lies” into your search engine of choice (Avinash says type it into Google, but you’d all use Live.com, wouldn’t you?), and this blog comes up as the no.1 result. Heh.

You can watch the presentation by clicking on play in the box below. The juicy Gatineau stuff comes around the 40th minute. But it’s well worth watching the rest if you’d like a “web analytics industry 101” rundown of the main data collection methodologies and the major players. Avinash also makes some comments in the middle part of the presentation about the difficulties of monetizing web analytics which echo (to some extent) comments I made in a previous blog post on the same topic.

4 thoughts on “Ian Thomas Lies”

  1. Amazingly “Ian Lies” also works, and that is how I find your blog every time (using either engine!). But in the presentation I wanted to make sure I am doing proper branding of Mr. Thomas!! 🙂
    Can’t wait to try Gatineau.

  2. Hey Ian, don’t complaint about that, Avinash doesn’t even tell us what are you lying about :-). I hope at least you are not lying about the gatineau project. As I was expecting Avinash presentation was very interesting.
    Ian, here in Argentina we are having the annual interactive marketing conference, and even when there are people from MS they haven’t mention a single word about Gatineau. Is MS not formaly communicating the prject for any corporative policy or they just forget about mention it? Because yesterday in the conference a lot of people asked me about the gatineau project (they read it at my blog) but no one asked Microsoft people a single question about it.

  3. Juan,
    We’re not making a huge noise about Gatineau at the moment, though we are getting the word out internally so that people can respond to inbound questions. In a company the size of Microsoft it’s always something of a challenge to ensure that everybody at the “edge” has enough information to respond to questions about everything we’re doing, so we want to make sure we have materials in place to help people field questions before we start making big noises about the project outside (although as you point out, anyone is free to read my – or your – blog posts about Gatineau and start asking questions about the project). You can expect to see some more external activity during September, however, so stay tuned.

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