Famous for fifteen minutes

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image As you may have already read (you’re probably here because you linked through from one of the stories in the Internet), I used my presentation at OX2’s Web Analytics Day last Friday to talk about the upcoming “Gatineau” beta 1 release and a little about some of the stuff we’re working on for subsequent beta releases. It seems like the presentation was well received; you can view the slides here and here, or (if you’re really a glutton for punishment) view Rene’s video of the presentation here.

One thing I’d stress again is that all the slides from “Campaign Visualization” onward (except the last one – that’s in there in error) represent stuff that we’re working on for future beta releases of Gatineau. So if you get the chance to get into beta 1, you won’t see this functionality.

It was fun to travel to Brussels (especially on the oh-so-civilized Eurostar) and catch up with Rene, Aurelie, Eric and Dennis, and to meet Robin Wauters of Blognation, Marianina Chaplin,  and the legendary Wandering Dave Rhee, who has now wandered all the way to Frankfurt (for some reason, given his moniker, I had a vision of Dave as a long-haired hippy type, so did a double-take when I met him in person (yes, I know, I should just have checked out his profile page for a nice photo of him)). Dave, best of luck with OX2 and your new life in Frankfurt – I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying being in the US. It was also great to see my colleagues Andzrej and Cristian, two members of our development team in Dublin who are actually responsible for creating many of the things that I showed on the screen. Thanks guys!

Your next chance to see Gatineau (and me) in the flesh will be at the E-metrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Washington DC in October (14-17, to be exact).  Book your ticket now!

Oh, and if you want to request access to the Gatineau beta, go here.

3 thoughts on “Famous for fifteen minutes”

  1. Hi Ian,
    Thank you again for coming all the way to Brussels and for your presentation of Gatineau. Everybody was pretty excited at the Conference and I’m sure most of them have signed up for the beta.
    At OX2, our Web Analytics team is waiting with impatience the opportunity to test Gatineau with real data and see its capabilities.
    Kind regards from cloudy Brussels,

  2. Hi Ian, nice presentation. Unfortunately I was not able to be there.
    Gatineau looks ok but its hard to evaluate it by an static picture. The E-metrics Marketing Optimization Summit presentation gonna include something with “motion”?
    On the other hand, there is yet any documentation about the tracking process and analysis?

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