Web Analytics is dead. Long live Web Analytics…

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As if I don’t have enough trouble keeping up a flow of posts on my own blog, I’ve now started to post on other peoples’ blogs. Following my comment on Rene Dechamps Otamendi’s post on Eric Peterson’s new “The Future of Web Analytics, Demystified” blog, Eric invited me to write a post which further explained my thinking about the future of the Web Analytics industry – which is that “pureplay” Web Analytics vendors will disappear as Web Analytics is absorbed into allied services such as marketing automation, media planning/buying, and CRM. You can read the full post here. Don’t agree with my thesis? Leave a comment.

1 thought on “Web Analytics is dead. Long live Web Analytics…”

  1. Hi Ian,
    “There will be no Web Analytics vendors, but Web Analytics will be everywhere.”
    Analytics are already everywhere; at the end of the day, a professional supported, one stop analytics package serves as a convenient place to read and analyze all the data together. Importantly, such a system will serve as a check for the disparate data found everywhere else.
    “In five years, all [sic] Web Analytics software will be free.”
    …and you will get what you pay for. 😉

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