Wanna work for me?

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yourfacehere Have a passion for data? Think yourself something of a BI/analytics guru? Does your heart sing whenever you see a well-turned chart (and your toes curl whenever you see something like this)? Looking for a new gig worthy of your exceptional talents?

If so, then I might just have the perfect opportunity for you. I’m looking for someone to head up the planning & product management for a big chunk of the internal BI & reporting systems that I manage here at Microsoft – systems which help hundreds of people cross Microsoft’s Online Services Division to make smart decisions about how to run our gigantic display advertising network.Only downside of the role is that you have to work for me.

I’m looking for someone who loves the numbers and has the flair, creativity and communications skills to make other people love them too, who’s comfortable working the politics of a big ol’ behemoth like Microsoft, but who likes to move quickly and, as I like to put it, “get sh*t done”.

In this role, you’ll wrangle gigantic, disparate data sets and juggle the competing demands of field sales, Finance and monetization specialists as you toil to deliver the definitive view of the performance of our display network. You’ll relish the attention of a broad and demanding audience for your data, including Online Services Division President Qi Lu and some other colorful characters. You’ll think nothing of staying up late to make sure the numbers are right before they’re published in the morning, and then getting up early to check that they are.

The full job description is here. If you think you’re selling what I want to buy, you can apply for the job on that page.

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  1. It sounds like you are looking for a superstar! I hope all goes well in your search… in reality I am perfect for this position but I have sworn off working for anyone except for my clients. Best of luck in your search, hopefully we will connect in the future.
    Andres Garcia
    P.S. Love the site you have some great content here

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