Wanna come work here?

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As I mentioned in a previous post, my colleague Justin Carder recently left Microsoft to go and work as Director of Blogging (yes, really) for Marchex. Justin was the lead product manager for Gatineau; despite my higher public profile, Justin was really more involved day-to-day with ensuring that Gatineau saw the light of day – … Read more

What’s in an ANID?

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I promised some time ago that I’d post more information on the process by which we get the demographic data into Gatineau. As I mentioned before, this information comes ultimately from data that people provide when they sign up for a “Live ID” to access one of Microsoft’s online services, such as Messenger or Hotmail … Read more

It’s here

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The wait is finally over. Beta 1 of our “Gatineau” web analytics product is finally open for business! Today, Monday October 29 (coincidentally, Justin’s birthday – happy birthday, Justin), we’ve started sending out beta signup invitation codes.  So what can you expect in beta 1? Here’s the run-down:   Demographic segmentation As previously trailed, demographic segmentation … Read more

Another peek at Gatineau

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Following on from my Gatineau movies last week, my colleague Justin Carder has appeared in a video interview shot by the folks over at VisitMixx, talking about Gatineau and showing some more of its functionality. Justin is becoming quite the media personality, it seems. Sadly his rise to fame comes a little late for us … Read more

The skinny on Gatineau

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Another E-metrics conference draws to a close (minus me, as it happens – I’m already back in Seattle). Highlights for me included the chocolates and cigars provided (as ever) by Rene, and the hospitality shown by Jim in inviting us all back to his (absolutely enormous) room at about 12.30 am until we were kicked … Read more

Famous for fifteen minutes

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As you may have already read (you’re probably here because you linked through from one of the stories in the Internet), I used my presentation at OX2’s Web Analytics Day last Friday to talk about the upcoming “Gatineau” beta 1 release and a little about some of the stuff we’re working on for subsequent beta … Read more

Welcome to the world of Microsoft APS

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So, last Monday was a big day for me, and for a few thousand of my colleagues at Microsoft and aQuantive – we closed the aQuantive acquisition that we originally announced in May. Those of you who like to track every iteration of Microsoft’s ever-changing organizational structure may already have read that we’ve created a new … Read more


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Yet again I have to apologize for not posting more frequently. In lieu of a proper, substantive post about a weighty topic, here’s a collection of tidbits from the industry and blogosphere: Another civilized spat has broken out about the merits (or otherwise) of Technorati rankings for assessing a blog’s popularity, spurred by Avinash’s latest … Read more

Microsoft ‘Gatineau’ sneak peek

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So, some screenshots of the interface for beta 1 of our web analytics product (codenamed ‘Gatineau’) have slipped out onto the web, courtesy of Dave Naylor. Dave attended our adChamps briefing in London a couple of weeks ago where he saw a demo of the software and spoke with my colleague Justin (who did a sterling … Read more

Bring the love back

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I’m a sucker for a nice little TV short, and this amused me at the same time as giving me that glow you get when the behemoth of a company you work for does something cool: The Break UpUploaded by geertdesager My favorite line from this is when the guy says, “Know you? Sweetheart, I know everything … Read more