Open Source Web Analytics

Reading Time: 2 minutes

News reaches me of the launch of the first open-source web analytics tool – Breadboard BI Web Analytics, from the folks at Breadboard BI. When I was at WebAbacus, we had some quite lengthy discussions as to whether we should make the WebAbacus platform available as open source software. In fact Dan Drury even wrote … Read more

Which is better for analysing your marketing campaign: data from your ad server, or data from your site?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The $64,000 question (actually, $64,000 is a very low price to put on the value of this question) in online marketing response analysis is whether data from your ad server or your own site is better for understanding the effectiveness of your online (and possibly off-line) marketing. My colleague, Brendan Riordan-Butterworth, recently sent me an … Read more

Top ten geek business myths

Reading Time: < 1 minute

There’s a great post on Ron Garrett’s blog entitled ‘Top ten geek business myths’, about the lies geeks tell themselves about their startup business. Many of the entries in Ron’s list strike a chord with me from my days getting WebAbacus off the ground.  In particular I remember fretting about the amount of competition (in our … Read more

Google’s Brett Crosby interviewed

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Manoj Jasra has an interesting interview with the Senior Manager for Google Analytics, Brett Crosby, on his Web Analytics World blog. Here are the highlights: He won’t say how many Google Analytics users there are (we think it’s about 250,000) They have some plans (undisclosed) to address measurement of AJAX applications using the MeasureMap technology they … Read more

How to measure blog success

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There’s a great post over on Avinash Kaushik’s blog about how to measure the success of a blog – which entails much more than just measuring traffic. Avinash distils the measurement down to the following six items (slightly paraphrased by me): So what have you actually contributed (how much content have you created)? Is anyone … Read more

MSN Search becomes Windows Live Search

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Last Thursday, Microsoft took the beta badge off Windows Live Search and installed it as the search engine behind It’s pretty good – not quite as fast as Google (which is bad), but better looking and more functional in certain areas (such as image search). Try it at The reason it’s worthy of mention … Read more


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No, not the UK credit card. Nor the shop on Wigmore Street in London where I bought my wife a very nice chandelier a few years ago. Mint is a nice little web stats app written by Shaun Inman. Unusually for such things in this day and age, it’s not a hosted service but a little … Read more

More on dashboards

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Following on from my previous post on this topic, I’m amused to see this innovative application of data visualization via Juice Analytics. I sure could have done with this when my own daughter was younger (now, at 19 months, her daily schedule is something that you can actually keep in your head without needing to … Read more


Reading Time: < 1 minute

Interesting to read of the launch of Browzar, a web browser (actually, a wrapper for the IE HTML rendering component in Windows) which doesn’t store auto-complete info, browsing history, or (most significantly) persistent cookies. So another blow for the web analytics industry – though I predict that Browzar will remain a relatively minor player in … Read more

Measuring Web 2.0

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Eric Peterson has an interesting post on his blog about a couple of ideas he’s had for measuring ‘Web 2.0’ usage – by which he means sites that use AJAX for in-page events, and (in particular) mashup other apps or web services. Essentially, Eric suggests two methods: Web service apps (e.g. Google Maps) implement the ability to … Read more