What would you like to see in Gatineau?

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questionmark Here at Microsoft, we like to listen. We also like data (and not just so we can ignore it). And whilst work on Gatineau is already quite well advanced, we’re still keen to learn what folks out at the sharp end of web analytics actually want to see in a product like this.

So to this end, we’ve set up a little survey which we’d like you to participate in. Your incentive? If you want to be in the beta, complete the survey – it’s one of the conditions we’ll be using for early beta participation. Plus you will enter a draw to win a Zune. Yes, a Zune! (What do you mean, what’s a Zune? And no, you can’t swap the prize for an iPod.)

If you’ve already e-mailed us to be included in the beta, we’ll be contacting you separately about the survey, so have patience. 

3 thoughts on “What would you like to see in Gatineau?”

  1. Hi Ian,
    Your survey looks to have an issue. I tried to fill it out in Feedreader and it simply complained that I hadn’t filled everything out. I then went into IE7 and same issue. I had LASIK last year, but no dice on getting my survey though.

  2. Ian,
    The survey asks if you are going to use G for blogging, but the rest of the survey (at least the part I looked at) is predicated on a corp site scenario. So, is this going to be used by (or aimted at) bloggers at all?

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