Dilbert on KPIs

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I kind of have an unwritten rule not to include Dilbert cartoons on this blog, partly because it’s such an appallingly hackneyed thing to do, and partly because it will reveal to my readership that I’m not in fact the debonair man-about-town that the pithy content of my blog would have you believe, but a paid-up geek whose one unchanging Christmas gift request to his wife is the annual Dilbert desk calendar [Too late for that – Ed]. But today’s Dilbert comic merits an exception:


Heh. Hehehe. Heheheheheh <*snort*>.

Now go buy some branded Dilbert stuff from Dilbert.com to make me feel better about the copyright infringement.

2 thoughts on “Dilbert on KPIs”

  1. Someone dropped by the San Francisco Chronicle on my desk this morning with this cartoon, hilarious indeed. I should probably add it to my slides about HiPPO’s (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) making decisions (sans any connection to reality of course).
    I would probably have written a verbose 3,000 word post around this cartoon, thanks for beating me to the punch in your “debonair man-about-town with pithy content” sort of a way! 🙂

  2. Well, we try. The British accent helps. Which reminds me of an odd aside – in all the time I’ve been reading Dilbert cartoons, I’ve always imagined the characters speaking in British accents; which meant when I saw the animated Dilbert TV show, I was shocked/appalled to hear them speaking in American accents. Odd, eh?

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