My face, on the Internet

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I have just noticed (rather belatedly, to say the least) that Laura Lee Dooley has posted a complete video of my encounter with Avinash Kaushik at the May E-metrics Summit in San Jose on Vimeo. The sound quality is a little poor, but you can more or less follow the thread of the conversation.

I come across as a cross between Prince Charles, Alastair Campbell and my Dad. Avinash does rather better, particularly around the 26 minute mark. Anyway, watch it for yourself and see who comes out on top.

eMetrics: Rules for Analytics Revolutionaries from LauraLee Dooley on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “My face, on the Internet”

  1. Well, you do share 50% of your dad’s DNA, so that’s not so surprising. I’d be slightly worried about the other two.

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