Data is (are?) Beautiful

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goldoil It’s usually my lovely wife who blogs about jewelry, and me who blogs about charts and data, but today the tables are turned – well, almost. Wieden+Kennedy London has come up with a range of designer necklaces which celebrate the beauty of data, under the name Plot.

The necklaces use charts of thirty years of various commodity prices (gold, silver, oil and lead) to form the motifs that are embedded within the resin pendants. They’re the brainchild of Lisa Prince, a strategist at Wieden+Kennedy who apparently got the idea while sitting in a meeting staring at PowerPoint charts.

So if you happen to have a data-geek woman in your life, and you’ve dismissed my previous nerdy gift idea as too fattening, one of these necklaces could be just what you’re looking for. Unfortunately Mrs. Thomas does not find charts quite as fascinating as I do, so my quest for the perfect Christmas gift continues (although I have been pointed in the direction of a nook).

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