Trust me, I work for Microsoft

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I am on the plane back from London after a fun few days with the folks there. It’s always a pleasure to return to my home town, though it’s a little strange returning there now that I don’t live there any more, and rather eye-wateringly expensive now that I’m paid in dollars ($100 cab fare, … Read more

Web Analytics is dead. Long live Web Analytics…

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As if I don’t have enough trouble keeping up a flow of posts on my own blog, I’ve now started to post on other peoples’ blogs. Following my comment on Rene Dechamps Otamendi’s post on Eric Peterson’s new “The Future of Web Analytics, Demystified” blog, Eric invited me to write a post which further explained … Read more

Come to SES London, hear me roar

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Well, maybe not roar, exactly. Answer questions in a polite but engaging fashion about the use of Web Analytics to help with search engine marketing would perhaps be more accurate. Tomorrow (the 19th) at 1.30pm I’ll be joining a very distinguished panel at SES London (at the Business Design Centre) to do just this, featuring … Read more

Accenture buys Memetrics and Maxamine

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More news from the big-dog-eat-small-dog world of online marketing & optimization: Accenture (specifically, its Online Marketing Sciences group) announced yesterday that it’s to buy both Memetrics and Maxamine. The Memetrics deal has already closed; the Maxamine deal will likely close within 30 days. I know the guys at Memetrics and Maxamine pretty well – they’re … Read more

Whither the ad network?

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One of the things I was struck by (apart from the fact of how woefully inadequate the New York Hilton is as a major exhibition venue) last week at ad:tech was the staggering number of “Ad networks” touting their wares on the exhibition floor. Of the roughly 300 exhibitors in New York, at least a … Read more

Holy crap!

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Will it never end? Whilst I (and the rest of the world) have been predicting consolidation in the industry for the last several years, and it was no secret that Visual Sciences was looking for a buyer (or being courted, depending on who you ask), this news is still a shock to me. Omniture has … Read more

MVT consolidation continues…

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… with the acquisition of Optimost by Interwoven. This is an interesting acquirer for an MVT firm – only yesterday at E-metrics, I was saying to someone that until MVT was a built-in option in content management systems that essentially allows users to press a button and have the site “deliver the best content/layout”, it … Read more

See you in DC

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I’m off to Washington DC on Sunday (along with the rest of the web analytics industry) for the E-metrics Marketing Optimization Summit. On Monday morning at 10.30 I’ll be standing up in front of the entire class (about 600 people – eek) to show how Microsoft’s been getting on with its homework assignment. Wish me … Read more

An MVT buyer’s guide – part 1

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I’m on the flight back from OMMA New York, where I’ve been speaking on a panel about the resurgence of e-mail as a performance-based marketing channel. It really has been a flying visit – I arrived yesterday (Monday) at 8pm and was back in a taxi to JFK at 3pm today. But at least 5 … Read more

Omniture at it again

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That is one acquisitive company. Offermatica is a great fit in the Omniture range of services. It’s been well-known for some time in the industry that despite its strengths, Touch Clarity’s technology wasn’t going to give Omniture the full range of testing & optimization capabilities they needed. I had thought that perhaps the Omniture board … Read more