Ian Thomas Lies

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Have just finished watching the video that Avinash made of the presentation he gave at SES San Jose last week. He mentions (and is very kind about) Gatineau a couple of times – thanks, Avinash – but for me the real nugget of useful information in the presentation is Avinash’s tip on how to find … Read more


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Yet again I have to apologize for not posting more frequently. In lieu of a proper, substantive post about a weighty topic, here’s a collection of tidbits from the industry and blogosphere: Another civilized spat has broken out about the merits (or otherwise) of Technorati rankings for assessing a blog’s popularity, spurred by Avinash’s latest … Read more

Dear John…

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I know we’ve had some rocky times together, but you can’t just walk out on me like this. Was it something I said? I know that at times I disapproved of your relationship with Avinash, but with a relationship as long-standing as ours, a little jealousy’s going to set in eventually. So where will you … Read more

The miserable business of making a living from web analytics software

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In another interesting post on his blog, Avinash questions the conventional wisdom about “Enterprise Class” software, specifically web analytics software. The post made me smile because of Avinash’s hyper-cautious preamble about how he doesn’t set out to be contentious, but sometimes he just has to speak his mind, yada yada yada. I had a mental … Read more

Googleburner? Feedboogle? Fondleburger?

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TechCrunch is carrying an (apparently authoritative) story that Google is to buy Feedburner for an amount estimated at around $100m. It’s not quite $6bn, but it’s a healthy amount. This is another smart portfolio move from Google, though few companies could justify paying so much for the opportunity to monetize RSS feeds. In Google’s case, … Read more

A snip at $6B

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$6 billion is a lot to pay for any company, particularly when it’s about five times as much as you’ve ever paid for any previous acquisition; it’s even more impressive when you consider it’s a cash deal. But those are the table stakes to get into (or stay in) the online advertising business these days; and … Read more