IAB throws down the gauntlet to Neilsen & Comscore

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With a sense of timing that you can draw your own conclusions about, the IAB has sent an open letter to Neilsen//NetRatings and Comscore to ask them to submit to an independent third-party audit of their measurement methods. From the letter: “We in the marketing-media ecosystem have spent too many years trying to clean up the residue … Read more

Experian consumes Hitwise

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Today’s news (so much more interesting than the Google earnings call) is that credit-rating and demographic data provider Experian has bought online competitive data provider Hitwise, for $240m in cash. The rationale for Experian is that Hitwise complements its existing portfolio of marketing services, which mainly lie in the area of data provision for 1:1 marketing … Read more

TouchClarity falls into the gaping Omniture maw

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ok, forgive the hyperbolic headline, But Omniture’s proving insatiable of late. Last month it gobbled up Instadia; yesterday it announced it was acquiring Touch Clarity, UK-based provider of behaviorally-targeted content delivery systems. In contrast to the Instadia acquisition, Omniture’s press release on the Touch Clarity deal focuses on the complementary nature of the two companies’ … Read more

Omniture swallows Instadia

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The latest news from the carnivorous world of web analytics is that Omniture has snapped up Instadia, a Scandinavian web analytics firm. Instadia’s main claim to fame is that their web analytics solution features integrated survey capability – a lead that the rest of the industry has been slow to follow, perhaps for fear of souring … Read more

Whither the page view? (3)

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A little late to the punch with this one, but some interesting numbers were released by Comscore last week which showed that MySpace has beaten Yahoo! in web traffic for the first time. The story behind the story is that Comscore’s measure is based upon page views, and the feeling is that Yahoo! has suffered … Read more