Wanna work for me?

Have a passion for data? Think yourself something of a BI/analytics guru? Does your heart sing whenever you see a well-turned chart (and your toes curl whenever you see something like this)? Looking for a new gig worthy of your exceptional talents? If so, then I might just have the perfect opportunity for you. I’m … Read more

Group Product Manager, Yield BI & Reporting

Display Monetization Group, Microsoft Advertising Bellevue, Washington The Display Monetization Group is accountable for improving the yield of Microsoft’s online Display advertising offerings across our owned & operated properties (MSN, Windows Live and so on) and the Microsoft Media Network. A core function within the team is Yield Business Intelligence – providing data and reporting … Read more

In New York on March 30? Drop by

Curmudgeonly hermit that I am, I don’t often leave my Pacific Northwest aerie and venture out into the wider world (unless you count the Eastside as the wider world, which I don’t). But next Monday, March 30, New York City will be blessed by my mysterious presence, as I participate in a panel at the … Read more

Expert help for my new job

My new job is going splendidly so far, thanks for asking – and I’m already busy enough to have to be making excuses about a lack of posts. But how could I hope to succeed without the excellent advice of some of the finest minds in technology and business? First, xkcd offers a helpful primer … Read more

A new new job

I have exciting (for me) news to share with you today – I have a new job, with the somewhat tongue-twisting title of Director of Yield Business Intelligence Product Management. I know, cool, huh? In case you’re left a little non-plussed by precisely what Yield Business Intelligence is, let me enlighten you: I’m in charge … Read more

Googopoly vs Micropoly

The excellent Tom Slee (aka. Whimsley) has been on my blogroll for some time. Tom writes longish posts about a range of interesting topics – at the moment he’s in the middle of a dissertation about whether Amazon’s recommendation service really does help unknown authors to find an audience and side-step the ‘evil’ publishing business … Read more