E-metrics San Francisco: The stuff I forgot to post yesterday

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chocolate_cubes I knew that in my haste to get a post out yesterday I’d forget to mention some things:

  • Many congratulations and best wishes to Eric Peterson on his new venture. For reasons which may become apparent in the fullness of time, I had a little advance notice of Eric’s intentions, so I’ve been spending the last few weeks perfecting my look of surprise for when he made the announcement. To be honest, even if I’d not known in advance I wouldn’t have been that surprised, because, like Avinash’s move, it is clear to me that Eric will not go hungry as an independent consultant with his wealth of experience at multiple vendors and at Jupiter. Knock ’em dead, Eric!
  • I cracked open the fabulous box of chocolates given to me by Rene yesterday evening – a very thoughtful gesture; thanks Rene!
  • Whilst at the conference I took the opportunity to show the latest pre-beta build of Gatineau to some select folks (all of whom are under NDA, so no names). There’s plenty of work still to be done, of course, but reaction to the code we have so far was pretty positive. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the beta of Gatineau this summer, send an e-mail to gat-beta@microsoft.com.

So we get to do it all again in October in Washington DC. Hopefully by then we’ll have something that we can show to the world…

1 thought on “E-metrics San Francisco: The stuff I forgot to post yesterday”

  1. Ian, thanks for the nice note and the encouragement. I agree, the chocolate from Rene and Aurelie are amazing … my wife and I just had a few over our Saturday “nap time” lattes 😉
    It was great to catch up with you in San Francisco and I will do my best to “knock ’em dead!”
    Eric T. Peterson
    CEO, Web Analytics Demystified

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