iPerceptions’ web analytics blog analysis

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The good folk over at iPerceptions (creators of the 4Q survey tool with Avinash Kaushik, and – to my mind – hands-down winners of the vendor beauty parade at E-metrics San Francisco) have put out a report into the concepts that are getting the most airplay on the “top” web analytics blogs (which includes this … Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in putting your hands together to give a big Web Analytics Industry welcome to…

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…Darrin Wood. [Applause] Darrin joins the Gatineau (ok, ok, adCenter Analytics) team fresh from a stint in the Microsoft.com web analytics team, where he’s spent 18 months working with our friends at WebTrends to make sure that we have the best data about the usage of our corporate website. Prior to which, he was employed … Read more

News, news, news…

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Sigh. Blog post topics seem to be like buses – you wait ages for one to come along, and then three come along all at once. Actually, I’ve got four things to post about, but I’m going to leave two until after the weekend. Here are the other two. Funnily enough, they’re related – both … Read more

Tags vs Logs: The big fight

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There are many in the web analytics industry who could say (with some justification) that the tussle over whether to use client-side JavaScript tags or web server logs as your source of web analytics data has already been settled, with tags being declared the winner by a knockout. Certainly with Gatineau we’ve decided to place … Read more