Adobe + Omniture = …what?

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By now, almost 12 hours after the announcement, you’ll have heard the news that Adobe is to buy Omniture for $1.8bn. If you haven’t heard, then, I mean, duh. It’s all over Twitter, dude: (As an aside, the guys at Omniture should be proud of themselves that they managed to beat out Joe Wilson as … Read more

My face, on the Internet

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I have just noticed (rather belatedly, to say the least) that Laura Lee Dooley has posted a complete video of my encounter with Avinash Kaushik at the May E-metrics Summit in San Jose on Vimeo. The sound quality is a little poor, but you can more or less follow the thread of the conversation. I … Read more

Does Display help Search? Or does Search help Display?

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One of the topics that we didn’t get quite enough time to cover in detail in my face-off with Avinash Kaushik at last week’s eMetrics Summit (of which more in another post) was the thorny issue of conversion attribution. When I asked Avinash about it, he made the sensible point that trying to correctly “attribute” … Read more

What would you like to ask Avinash Kaushik?

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The gloves will be tied tight. Brightly colored silk dressing gowns will be shrugged to the floor; gum-shields inserted. In the blue corner: yours truly. In the red (and blue, yellow and green) corner, web analytics heavyweight, Avinash Kaushik. As the crowd bays for blood, battle will be joined. The Garden never saw anything like … Read more

Google adds rank information to referral URLs

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An interesting post on the official Google Analytics blog from Brett Crosby appeared last week, in which he announced that Google is to start introducing a new URL format in its referring click-through URLs for organic (i.e. non-paid) results. From Brett’s post: Starting this week, you may start seeing a new referring URL format for … Read more

Omniture stumbles

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Chatter is building on the interwebs about Omniture’s recent (and ongoing) latency woes. Looks like both SiteCatalyst and Discover are days behind in processing data (according to messages on Twitter, up to around 5 – 7 days in some cases). And it looks like the situation is still getting worse, rather than better. I have … Read more

Sifting through the Twitter noise

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I was checking my blog stats last week and noticed and noticed that I had a sudden spike in traffic in the week of Thanksgiving (yes, I know, I should check my numbers more often, but I have a day job):   A quick glance at my favorite web analytics tool revealed that the culprit … Read more

Brandt Dainow gets over-excited again

Reading Time: 3 minutes

After his breathless article last year, proclaiming Google Analytics to be something like a cross between the second coming and Barack Obama, Brandt Dainow seems to have soured on the big G, proclaiming this week that GA contains ‘disturbing inaccuracies’: Google Analytics is different from other products in that it has been intentionally designed by … Read more

Applied Insights falls into the gaping Foviance maw

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Ok, it’s not quite Omniture acquiring TouchClarity, but I was delighted to read yesterday that my old pals at Foviance have secured the services of none other than Neil Mason through the acquisition of his company, Applied Insights. Neil (whose ClickZ column you should read) has been flying the flag for web analytics – especially … Read more

Whence the universal tag?

Reading Time: 7 minutes

With another E-metrics Summit over (sans me, sadly), it’s clear that interest in web analytics and online measurement remains high, even (or especially) in these troubled times. But as the technology sets for online advertising and web analytics continue to merge and overlap, one urgent question remains unanswered: what are we going to do about … Read more