Web Analytics is dead. Long live Web Analytics…

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As if I don’t have enough trouble keeping up a flow of posts on my own blog, I’ve now started to post on other peoples’ blogs. Following my comment on Rene Dechamps Otamendi’s post on Eric Peterson’s new “The Future of Web Analytics, Demystified” blog, Eric invited me to write a post which further explained … Read more

Tags vs Logs: The big fight

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There are many in the web analytics industry who could say (with some justification) that the tussle over whether to use client-side JavaScript tags or web server logs as your source of web analytics data has already been settled, with tags being declared the winner by a knockout. Certainly with Gatineau we’ve decided to place … Read more

Web Analytics in the movies

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So if you thought you were destined to spend the rest of your life explaining what web analytics is to bored-looking people at cocktail parties, think again, because Sony Pictures is about to take the industry mainstream (kinda) with the release of Untraceable, a movie about a serial killer who uses real-time traffic data from … Read more

It’s here

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The wait is finally over. Beta 1 of our “Gatineau” web analytics product is finally open for business! Today, Monday October 29 (coincidentally, Justin’s birthday – happy birthday, Justin), we’ve started sending out beta signup invitation codes.  So what can you expect in beta 1? Here’s the run-down:   Demographic segmentation As previously trailed, demographic segmentation … Read more

Another peek at Gatineau

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Following on from my Gatineau movies last week, my colleague Justin Carder has appeared in a video interview shot by the folks over at VisitMixx, talking about Gatineau and showing some more of its functionality. Justin is becoming quite the media personality, it seems. Sadly his rise to fame comes a little late for us … Read more

The skinny on Gatineau

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Another E-metrics conference draws to a close (minus me, as it happens – I’m already back in Seattle). Highlights for me included the chocolates and cigars provided (as ever) by Rene, and the hospitality shown by Jim in inviting us all back to his (absolutely enormous) room at about 12.30 am until we were kicked … Read more

See you in DC

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I’m off to Washington DC on Sunday (along with the rest of the web analytics industry) for the E-metrics Marketing Optimization Summit. On Monday morning at 10.30 I’ll be standing up in front of the entire class (about 600 people – eek) to show how Microsoft’s been getting on with its homework assignment. Wish me … Read more

Famous for fifteen minutes

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As you may have already read (you’re probably here because you linked through from one of the stories in the Internet), I used my presentation at OX2’s Web Analytics Day last Friday to talk about the upcoming “Gatineau” beta 1 release and a little about some of the stuff we’re working on for subsequent beta … Read more

Web Analytics in Europe

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By now you may have read that I’ll be appearing at OX2’s Web Analytics Day in Brussels this month (on the 14th, to be precise). I’ll be delivering the first public preview of Gatineau beta 1 and showing some stuff that so far has only been shared with “special friends of Microsoft” (i.e. people who’ve signed … Read more

Ian Thomas Lies

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Have just finished watching the video that Avinash made of the presentation he gave at SES San Jose last week. He mentions (and is very kind about) Gatineau a couple of times – thanks, Avinash – but for me the real nugget of useful information in the presentation is Avinash’s tip on how to find … Read more